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Project management consultant Interview Questions


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Could I compare my style and skills to those of one of the ARUP employees that we both knew

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I had previously worked with this employee for a number of years and he had been employed by ARUP for the past two years in a senior role. Being polite an unassuming by nature it was difficult to highlight my strengths and possibly the employees weaknesses from my perspective

Did you pass the verbal reasoning and numerical test?

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How will you use the skills you have gained from university and your previous experience in this role?

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How long was I available for?

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Warum machen Sie sich nicht im diesem Bereich selbstständig

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Why Pcubed, why PMO, value of PMO, previous PMO experience, general interview questions

What was your greatest achievement? What was your most challenging project? What was the biggest change in your career? How do you know you have been successful? Tell me about the time you felt or was advised that your performance doesn't meet expectation? Why did you move from this job to that job? and so on through the CV.

The questions were based on project management competencies and managing risk. The interview with Penna was based around experiences in managing specific scenarios, but nothing about the actual position ?

why do you want to join our company? your salary expectation?