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How many calories are in a grocery store?

9 Answers

Perhaps breaking up the grocery store into it's main categories and estimating the caloric density of each type of food may be the way to go? E.g. Frozen foods (high density), meats (medium), junk food and soda (high), veggies (low), non-food items (none), dairy (high), packaged foods (medium). Then estimate how space is typically allocated on these categories (10%, 20%, etc.). Then estimate how many such items can fit in, say a 10 ft area that has 3 positions (top, middle, bottom). Scale up the estimate as needed. Assign values to caloric density and at the least, you have solved the problem. Probably not the most elegant solution but it's what comes to mind immediately.

I would not consider these questions as hard or random at all..It would answer to How do you calculate how many calories are in a grocery store? like "I don't count at all..I am pretty thin. Actually I am trying to gain some weight so I just consume food like a trash bin.." what's wrong with that? Why would I even count that at all? I dont really care.. Some people might count and they could ansver to this question differently.

There are no calories in a grocery store. There are calories in food which is inside the grocery store, but none in the grocery store itself!

How many times does the Earth rotate around its own axis while it makes one revolution around the sun?

5 Answers

What is your favourite Google Product, and how would you improve it?

4 Answers

* Imagine you were creating a search engine for events, how would you go about it?

3 Answers

What projects have you previously managed? Can you sum up project management in one word?

3 Answers

Hardest time in your life

2 Answers

Are you prepared to work late/extra hours?

2 Answers

Why did you leave/ or you want to leave from the current/ previous company? How do you feel about your years spent there?

2 Answers

How comfortable you are working in the same room as managing partners who are paying you directly out of their own pockets?

2 Answers

Convince me quickly, I am leaving in 5 minutes why we should hire you?

2 Answers
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