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What would you describe as the most important elements a PM has?

2 Answers

time management communication managing risk foresight

Integrity (-> credibility -> performance)

There'll be a request to present on a specified challenge in your potential role with 1 week's notice.

1 Answer

What do you understand about tagging?

1 Answer

Bigest weaknesses?

1 Answer

You've got 2 minutes to share something you are passionate about, make me passionate about it too. How are you better than all the other employee's. Explain a time you had to use leverage in a project to progress. How do you adapt to change, how do you plan a project, how do you tell the difference between project and product risks. How do you cope with lack of direction and organic innovation changing daily.

1 Answer

How do you cope with frustration/intransigence?

1 Answer

What is the key role of a project manager in a contract services company?

1 Answer

Was one about engine hardware - i didnt have a clue what was put infront of me.

1 Answer

[Something along the lines of] What are some potential disadvantages to the style of work

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Where do you live

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