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Project Support Officer Interview Questions


Project support officer interview questions shared by candidates

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How did you track project progress? How do you prioritise? Organising and facilitating meetings?

What do you prefer - Android or Apple? Why? Tell me a time that you've relied on technology/the cloud?

* tell us about yourself * what do you know about us * what is/how do you understand equality/diversity, what it means for you * use of PRINCE2 methodology - when, how? * planning organising your working day - describe * example of resolving problem/issue - describe * dealing with priorities - explain * examples of team-work/communication * passing messages on stakeholders etc.

1 Answer

Can you give an example of a time you had to make a difficult decision?

1 Answer

What is your experience with project management methodologies?

1 Answer

What experience do you have with working with confidential data?

1 Answer

What interests you about this role and working for Shelter?

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