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Interests, hobbies, about my current position

MVF Interview questions: What book, course or mentor has had the biggest impact on your career? Where do you plan to be in 5 to 10 years? How often do you get formal feedback? What is the best feedback you’ve recently had? How do you prioritize your work day? Do you like things to be perfect? What are the work hours at your company? Explain what we do (sketch a diagram) What are your current top 3 priorities? What A-levels and degree did you achieve? How could your company be more successful? What area of Science, Technology or Internet are you most interested in? What blogs do you read? What was the most recent interesting article you read about? What would you like to change at your company? Why do you want to move jobs? Why did you not get a 1st or A* in [X] subject? What has been the biggest opportunity you have been given in your career to date? Who was your worst ever manager and what attributes made them bad? Do you have opportunities to teach in your current role? Have you ever been a volunteer for a charity or social organization? What attributes did/does your best manager have? Describe a time when you cocked something up at work? What was/would be your legacy in your current/last role? What was your worst ever job? How would people describe you at your funeral? What aspects of [job role] are you most passionate about? What subject are you most passionate about?

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