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Web Publisher was asked...29 May 2020

what's your favourate website

3 Answers



Can you sell ads?

2 Answers

Oh, I didn’t mean to press -1

Yes, I have created sales records at several locations


Do you travel?

2 Answers

That's very rude and unprofessional. Also, as a former employee, I find this quite amusing, as the majority of the company are clueless about travel, and just snag ideas off other websites. Less

I do, but clearly not enough for their liking. I got an, "Oh," when I had to spew out where I've visited. Less

Sensi Media Group

Why I would want to work for Sensi Magazine?

2 Answers

Thanks so much for sharing.

I have been in this industry, ( cannabis industry) since before it was an Industry, & since I was a fan of this new lifestyle magazine and I saw the way its been growing. I thought I'd love to be part of a great company that is going to do great things. Less

Best Version Media

Have you sold before, or done any cold-calling, sales process, or the like.

2 Answers

The refreshing part of this post, is that it appears to be an actual person with their own opinions and finally not a competitor exposing false statements about BVM. In order for the local hardware store to offer a better opportunity than BVM, it would need to offer these things: 1.) By the second year the average person at the hardware store would need to be earning over $100,000 a year. 2.) They would need to have unlimited vacation time. 3.) The hardware store would need to be the fastest growing hardware store in all of North America and then you would have to x that by 10 in order to be growing as fast as BVM. 4.) They would need to have a position that includes the prestige of publishing a magazine to an influential community interacting with families, local businesses and associations and other members of the community. 5.) The hardware store would need to offer an annual company trip as does BVM to tropical locations and cruises. There are more things the hardware store would need to offer and we hope the candidate finds such a hardware store for himself. Less

Answer with whatever you've done. Since they have little to no skin in the game - they'll take you on (tell you to go find and build a book of business); Less

Best Version Media

How have I spent my time during covid?

2 Answers

Through personal projects, such as learning how to cook, and home improvement projects. Less

Remote presentation training and technical support is awesome. BVM's family is fantastic Less

Sensi Media Group

Basically, when can you fly out for training (I.e. indoctrination)?

2 Answers

Dear Candidate, Thank you for your feedback. It’s interesting hearing your about your interview and it doesn’t sound like you made it to the second phase of the interview process. I am sorry. Sensi Magazine is a Direct Sales Company that produces city Publications in local markets around the country. Far from a multi-level marketing business. You are correct we have a proven program, in fact our founder started 600 local Publications using it. Each person is independent and running their own business and you are correct it is hard work. It takes an entrepreneur minded person looking for more then the next job. Our program has successfully launched in 7 cities and we’ve started Publications in 37 other markets in under 2 years. We apologize your interview experience wasn’t what you expected. Less

#than who's the editor ;)

Best Version Media

How do you see yourself fitting in to the culture

2 Answers

We find it flattering that our company is so well liked that some people can't believe it. If using good reviews as your source of why something is bad, you should consider being a bit more objective. Less

It looks like a refreshing approach


Specific examples of analytical experience

1 Answers

Not difficult if you have specific examples.

Tell me why you would like to run a newsroom

1 Answers

Bringing new ideas and supporting the writers.

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