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1. Was more about the test strategy and automation. 2. Screening my profile with basic question around my experience and roles and tools.

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1. When any candidate submit a solution they should come back with review. I posted all automation solution to google drive and shared with three CA people. None of them sent me any feedback about the technical solution that I submitted. 2. Second round was technical - I assumed that they would gothrough my solution and ask quesitons around that. But strange thing is 30 mins back before interview the interviewer asked for the google drive permission. Later they did';nt ask any quesiton around that. Note : The way I solved the problem was in-detail and these guys did;nt get what I have submitted. In my solution added. end to end automation approach for WebUI and API and thoughts that we can implement further by a.Instanbul code coverage. b.CircleCI integration c. Parallel test wich cypress d. percy snapshot testing. e. Postman neman integration f. load test with K6 I even went ahead and crashed the server as well. No one noticed and they did'nt even acknowledge. End of the day What I understood is that the interview panel is not technical. they did'nt get what i am saying. There QA tech stack is not great. Basically they dont need too much technical QA guys. Thanks

I had the same experience, they did not bother to look at the solution shared ! Was very disrespectful when i had put so much effort to do the task they did not even look !

How many people i managed so far?

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How well i can manage projects and teams to have the best quality assurance process possible. There were a lot of questions about test automation too and general usual questions.

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General QA questions about bugs life cycle, agile process and my experience in each field.

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What kind of experience do you have with automation?

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coming up with an automation strategy for a legacy application

how to factor in test automation during story sizing

various technical questions re testing strategies and how to solve their QA problems

how to manage testing in an agile space

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