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Interview questions in Reading, England

Microsoft Interviews in Reading /  HQ: Redmond, WA

57 Interviews in Reading (of 7,115)

3.2 Average

Austin Fraser Interviews in Reading /  HQ: Reading

30 Interviews in Reading (of 34)

3.5 Difficult

Oracle Interviews in Reading /  HQ: Redwood City, CA

18 Interviews in Reading (of 3,598)

3.3 Average

Interview Questions in Reading

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How to convert from high impedance to low impedance?

2 Answers

Using a buffer

use voltage feedback

Why you choose BG group to work for?

1 Answer

How you set principle to prioritise your reports.

1 Answer

Can you provide an example when you've had to lead a team or otherwise take the initiative.

1 Answer

What are your stengths

1 Answer

What do you understand by investment banking

2 Answers

(Whiteboard exercise) Implement strcmp using any language of your choice.

1 Answer

What the one thing in your life that you are most proud of that isn't on your CV?

1 Answer

Less a question, but the tone of the interview was very laidback.

1 Answer

Questions to test your personality and technical questions relevant to my area

1 Answer
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