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do I have kids? When I answered no, his response was “good, as those with kids tend to have a lot more time off work when their kids are unwell so I’m glad you don’t have any kids.. anyway, you’re too young to have kids anyway”

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I answered no to having any kids, and when he said the above, I felt very intimidated so didn’t want to say anything back to him about that.

This sounds about right from the behavior at Alchemy. They are the sort of company that expect all their staff to live for their job. They are intrusive and the most unprofessional organisation.

Having met several representatives of this organisation myself I find myself doubting the validity of this. The people I met seemed nothing but professional and were quite likeable/friendly. No inappropriate questions, I was left with a good impression.

Nothing to difficult.

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Sales experience

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Past experience in sales

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Why did you choose recruitment?

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What are you looking for from your next career move?

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What is "hard work"

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Why do you want to work in recruitment?

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What attracted you to recruitment?

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What attracted you to James Andrews?

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