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How did you motivate students actually use and complete their e-learning programmes?

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I explained that I would monitor each students action/learning plan and estimate how far they needed to get to meet the time constrainsts. I would contact them when they fell behind and try to re-establish their original aims and drivers for doing the programme. Based on this I would either have them back on track, or we would negoitiate another approach.

why is volatility data important?

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How has technology changed the work enviroment in the last 10 years?

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Present their solutions & the state of the market

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Have you ever done something which is not in accordance with your company policy or manager's wishes?

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What I knew about Flatfair and how I would combat the competition in meetings with clients. In addition why I was looking to leave my current role and what experience I had.

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Where do you live in the UK

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Tell me about your work history

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All questions related to amazon principles.

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Can I help them get new business.

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