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Regional sales director Interview Questions


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Relevant market experience, why do you want to join business and what skill set do you bring

What do you think Imply does?

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What will my strategy be to be successful working and selling in a Covid 19 based economy?

A role-play scenario, including assessing and measuring cultural fit and soft skills

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previous employment, experience etc. relevance to markets, knowledge of financial services and security / risk. contacts in leading FS and tier 2 FSI. Track record in this market etc. New business development skills, basically have you done this before?

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They asked about doing a SWOT analysis of their partner stores and give presentation at the last interview.

Because it was a regional sales role, they asked me about how I would manage my direct reports remotely? This was the same question that was repeated on both occasions.

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As I don't come from a digital media back ground, it was good to explore in the interview how my experience and knowledge can benefit Yell, and give me a new experience.

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