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How do you prioritise projects? Why do you want to quit your current job? What are the different stages of drug development and linked regulatory issues? Can you tell of a time that you were handed over a project in bad shape? How did you sort it out?

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Are you aware of cosmetic regulations? Are you collaborative and how do you deal with multi-tasking different project? Are you willing to relocate as is job-based on-site? What skills do you bring to the role?

Inappropriate, unprofessional and irrelevant questions. Where’s your name from? This question came from the Associate Director U.K. who did not seem to have enough experience overall in my opinion. Difficult to believe that she was an actual interviewer. How could she be given such a position. I knew more than she does ! Such a shame. And asking inappropriate and irrelevant questions is unacceptable.

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Asking questions about personality assessment that I had no time to prep for

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What hot topics in regulatory do you consider to be the most significant over the coming 3 years.

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Do you have any experience in managing client relationships?

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