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Inappropriate, unprofessional and irrelevant questions. Where’s your name from? This question came from the Associate Director U.K. who did not seem to have enough experience overall in my opinion. Difficult to believe that she was an actual interviewer. How could she be given such a position. I knew more than she does ! Such a shame. And asking inappropriate and irrelevant questions is unacceptable.

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When I answered this question nicely, she kept asking the question and saying “are you sure”? I couldn’t believe it. So you can see how ridiculous, unprofessional and irrelevant that was and that is coming from someone who is supposedly an associate director. This person is working at Alnylam in the U.K. and who is an AD in regulatory affairs shouldn’t be in this role and definitely not at this level. She hasn’t been working with the company very long either so very much unexperienced. I would add lack of tact and professionalism.

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