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Describe a problem you've come across in your previous experiences and describe how you dealt with it,

Questions around application of skills stated in the job description

How would you structure the literature review for this project?

What is your understanding of X (the main concept to be investigated by the research project)?

I was required to present. Then asked about my experience, they asked in particular whether I wrote a blog or put my ideas out there.

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Describe master dissertation as if I was presenting to a government official

How would you organize the X and Z activities that we plan to conduct as part of the research project?

Which research questions would you write for the project in a bid?

*S follows a process dS=mSdt+oSdzdS=mSdt+oSdz where m and o are constant. What is the probability followed by Y=(Se)(r−t)Y=(Se)(r−t). If S follows a process dS=k(b−S)dt+oSdzdS=k(b−S)dt+oSdz where k, b, o are constant. What’s the process followed by Y=S2Y=S2 ?

What challenges would you expect to come with this job and how would you overcome them?