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Research Assistant Interview Questions


Research assistant interview questions shared by candidates

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What are your strengths and skills that could be useful for you in this position and how would you use them?

Give an example of a market and what was the direction of the investors returns?

Walk me through your CV. Why did you apply for this role? What does Guidepoint do?

Design a betting system on a 7 series game beetween two teams A and B (even odds at each game), such as if A wins the series your cumulated gain is exacly £100 and if A looses your cumulated loss is exactly £100.

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Need to describe in detail your research, its impact and how you will tackle it in the academic view.

How would you phrase an email response on behalf of Amnesty, to [insert generic human rights case here], informing the public that we cannot work on the case?

What do you understand about the job you're applying to?

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