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Research Associate Interview Questions


Research associate interview questions shared by candidates

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was not really a Q and A interview

3 Answers

I generally spoke most telling them about my experience and about the business area they where intending to enter and my thoughts on the progress they had made so far.

Did you take the role? What was your experience since joining?

I did join, it was not the right enviroment for me I wanted to have a life outside of work not just live at the office.

What prompts your application for the job?

1 Answer

What research experience I had in the past?

1 Answer

What's your knowledge of the main trends in the IT outsourcing market?

1 Answer

When can you start?

1 Answer

What makes you a better candidate for this job?

1 Answer

How many tyres are there in the UK?

1 Answer

How would you value an airline?

1 Answer

Publication record

1 Answer

What would be the kind of difficulties that I anticipate in this work and how I would tackle them.

1 Answer
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