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What my past research was and what I was interested in working on next. Most of the time I spent meeting with other smalls groups of interviews or else 1:1 with other researchers.

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I gave detailed answers about my past research and the kinds of questions that were most exciting to me now.

Tell us all the possible way to detect unspecific staining

Why do you think pall does R&D?

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Describe the principles of aseptic technique and how you might teach them to others.

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Talked about my PhD, why I wanted to join etc. Nothing overly technical about the oil and gas industry as it was assumed I had no real prior knowledge.

Tell us about your dissertation and what statistical tests you used to assess the data?

What would you focus on when designing a therapy, the mechanisms or the therapeutic effects? Tell me one recent paper that you found interesting.

General discussion on your PhD work, publications, previous projects, etc. Discussion on relevant skills and how you solved specific problems.

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