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Can you give an example of when using the accuracy of a model would be a poor descriptor of that model?

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I gave an example of a predictive model that aims to identify terrorists at airports. If it just identified everybody as a terrorist it would technically be 100% accurate, but not very useful. And then a general discussion on false positives/negatives, accuracy vs precision etc etc.

Talk me through how a SVM works, and what the limitations of that technique are

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What my past research was and what I was interested in working on next. Most of the time I spent meeting with other smalls groups of interviews or else 1:1 with other researchers.

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Mostly questions about problems they face and how my experience would help to solve them.

What types of cell are used to make what kind of therapeutic?

What are the most important characteristics for a leader to have?

Tell us all the possible way to detect unspecific staining

Why do you think pall does R&D?

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