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Research Technician Interview Questions


Research technician interview questions shared by candidates

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How do you feel about euthanising the animals in this way?

1 Answer

I would find it difficult but I would do it if I had to...(I was given a questioning look so I backtracked slightly) All animals have different neck sizes so you need a certain amount of strength to perform this.

What does the job role entail? Why this university?

Went through my CV, asked me about my research project, my experience, my interest in the role and to give an explanation of the research the group were conducting. Also asked about my animal handling experience and flexibility to work out-of-hours (Fairly laid back interview compared to others I had)

Questions regarding my degree, skills and career aspirations

I was asked to name chemicals that I have worked with before. I concentrated most of my research about the company, of which I did not need to do as extensively as I did. I couldn't remember any of the product names, because this was not required in my previous employment so I felt a bit silly.

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