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What 10 different types of pests are the most common in UK?


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How do you describe yourself in three worlds

What do you know about "high voltage"? What do you know about "shaft alignment"? What do you know about "hydraulics"? What do you know about "lasers"? How would you fault find a 3 phase motor?

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Usual questions such as why rentokil and why the particular role. As I applied for the graduate scheme, they asked why I studied the course I did. What would make me good for the job? A few competence based questions on team work, being hard working, working in a role with a lot of variety, etc. The 1-to-1 interview was formal but everyone at each stage is very friendly and ready to help. Especially Siobhan!

How do you think the technician should support teachers?

What do you know/like about Highgate?

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What would you do if you saw a child acting differently?

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What do you think a Lab technician does and why are they important? If you are left with the students and you cannot continue with the task without the teacher being present, what do you do? Give me 3 pros and 3 cons of students not having access to the supply cupboard. If a student shared sensitive information with you what would you do?

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