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How many bottles of beer are drank in the city over the week.

6 Answers

0, none - this is a dry city!

I think the answer is 0. I think the problem with this is the word drank, and the fact that it is preceded with a helping verb, which happens to be in the wrong tense. I think the proper question would be "How many bottles of beer were drunk in the city over the week". Or "How many bottles of beer are drunk in the city over a week".

n + (7 * 12) where n = whatever the rest of the city is drinking and 7 * 12 = the twelve pack I sink every day Any more (brap) questions? RstJ

Why finance PhD thesis What quantitative skills do you have

5 Answers

Talked about the research background

5 Answers

Design a betting system on a 7 series game beetween two teams A and B (even odds at each game), such as if A wins the series your cumulated gain is exacly £100 and if A looses your cumulated loss is exactly £100.

3 Answers

First round: basic probability, combinatorics. A bear wants to catch 3 fish from a river. when he has caught 3 fish, he'll leave. when a fish comes, there is a 1/2 chance he'll catch it. what's the probability that the 5th fish will not be caught?

4 Answers

Tell us a bit about yourself, your degree, why do you want to work here, why executive search, any questions you have for us ?

2 Answers

Do You really want to be involved?

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Why did you leave the job before your last job.

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What's the name of JPMorgan's CEO?

2 Answers

Hello. Is this...

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