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was not really a Q and A interview

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I generally spoke most telling them about my experience and about the business area they where intending to enter and my thoughts on the progress they had made so far.

Did you take the role? What was your experience since joining?

I did join, it was not the right enviroment for me I wanted to have a life outside of work not just live at the office.

Private equity wants to invest in aluminium can factory who will you connect them to? Buyers, Competitor and Industry expert.

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- What made me apply for this job, what interests me in human rights issues? - How to value administrative work and coordinating project in a team? - How to manage a budget for researcher travelling abroad? - Talking about project where administrative tasks were preformed, objectives and dealing with situation came up in tge project? - how do I see myself fitting for team of migrant and refugee right team

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Exact people you would interview in your research process

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No specifically difficult questions. The meetings seemed to be more about cultural fit and subject matter knowledge. Was asked usual things like "what did you learn from a difficult situation?" and "What did you do to turn around a failing search process".

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How did you find the transition from A-Level to Uni?

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Give an example of a challenging situation when needing to make a critical decision, explaining the scenario, how you evaluated the options and the reason for the decision that you made.

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Why do you want to work here

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Why are you interested in working for water conservation.

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