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What is the distribution of the square of a random variable with a Normal distribution?

2 Answers

In the phone interview, they asked these rahter difficult and irrelevant questions. They didn't repeat them in the in-person interview. I think they were asked just to intimidate/rattle you.

Chi square

How would you prioritise (given) tasks?

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Would you submit work that you know contains errors?

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Why IPSOS Mori??

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Private equity wants to invest in aluminium can factory who will you connect them to? Buyers, Competitor and Industry expert.

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- What made me apply for this job, what interests me in human rights issues? - How to value administrative work and coordinating project in a team? - How to manage a budget for researcher travelling abroad? - Talking about project where administrative tasks were preformed, objectives and dealing with situation came up in tge project? - how do I see myself fitting for team of migrant and refugee right team

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Exact people you would interview in your research process

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No specifically difficult questions. The meetings seemed to be more about cultural fit and subject matter knowledge. Was asked usual things like "what did you learn from a difficult situation?" and "What did you do to turn around a failing search process".

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How did you find the transition from A-Level to Uni?

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