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Retail management graduate Interview Questions


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Describe a time you worked with a challenging person?

1 Answer

Highlight your role specifically

Name a time you were in a group situation and someone didnt agree with your opinion. How did you deal with the situation?

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Describe a time when you had to be innovative

1 Answer

What skills you have that you should be chosen?

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Your motivation to apply and why HSBC?

1 Answer

Do you know about your applied programme?

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You have just joined a group who have been working on a project for three weeks. This is the first time you have met with this group of people. How would you go about building relationships. (2 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to deliver a recorder response)

Why did you apply to this specific role? Why Lidl?

How would you delegate a task? And how would you know if it was successful?

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