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What experience do you have

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I have obtain a SIA license but have no experience working as a security guard. However, I hope to be given an opportunity to work in this line especially in the retails sites as I have more then 20 years working experience in the retails and I know the in and out of what a retail environment would look like and what precautions to take and therefore I hope I will be given an opportunity to work as a security guard at the retails I can be contacted at 07540270095 Thank you Alfred Louis

asked about my experience within the security industry and why i wanted to join total security services and why i was out of work so long so i told them. some job interveiws i was over quaifield to their job which is not true

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Proof of Address and I D work Experience my hobbies and interests excellent interview

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Experience of the job that you have applied for .What you do out of work ie Hobbies and Interests in my case Family History and Constructing Model boats .Have you any children ages ? boy or girl ? He was very interested in my family history research and esp the area i worked in at Kingston upon Thames where he went to uni . He was also interested to see that when i was unemployed that i went on courses to improve my job skills IE Emergency First Aid at Work , COSHH and Manual Handling .Experience of arresting shoplifters and the paperwork to do with that and also court appearance giving evidence against the thief.and not being afraid to confront them and how to get bout of difficult situations

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working for total security services is one of the best companies that i have ever worked for

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what experience that i have also willing to learn new skills

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Who around the table will make the final decision on you?

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