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Retentions consultant Interview Questions


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What do you know about Hiscox?

3 Answers

I'd done a bit of research so I was able to reply that I knew what sort of insurance they offer as they're not the usual run of the mill type of company. They cover a lot of business insurance that you've probably never needed to know about, so do your homework before you go to an interview with them.

i read on internet

i read about hiscox on article

How can we improve the brands?

1 Answer

Competency based questions with an emphasis on examples. Ie. Prioritisation of tasks is important, tell us about a time where you have had to show this skill.

1 Answer

Is there anything you think you may dislike about the role here?

1 Answer

What do I know about Webhelp?

1 Answer

Questions regarding experiences had in the past.

1 Answer

What my previous employer didn't like about me.

1 Answer

What is your plan? Not 5 year as I hate that (director) but what is your goal

1 Answer

How do you find out about what a customer needs/wants

1 Answer

What are you looking to achieve from this position?

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