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1 maths (simple probability) question, 1 Unix question (really simple stuff, such as how to remove the first column of a data set in a text file in bash), 1 "design a program in a language of your choice" question with some simple tasks like printing out the first Fibonacci numbers over 1000, and finally a question about SQL queries. On the whole, the test was very easy. It did not give you the opportunity to do anything smart. You either knew the answers, or you didn't. There were no questions that required any thought. One question was literally "what is the combination of keys to close emacs or vim?". The test in no way attempted to gauge your ability to think logically or learn new concepts quickly.

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I finished really quickly because I either knew the answers, or I didn't. I aced the maths and programming question, got about half of the unix questions as I'm only just starting out using linux, and I barely got any of the SQL questions, since as I clearly stated on my CV, I had no experience of SQL. Nevertheless I got invited to interview and then apparently not progressed to the final stage because I was unable to answer simple questions on SQL. The entire experience was a waste of time, as not only did I not get to the next round, but I learned nothing and did not pick up any valuable experience.

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