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Why are you applying for this position?

3 Answers

I enjoy being able to help and advise people on the telephone to give a one time resolution to the callers needs , in a professional manner

Asking the right questions , listening to the callers needs and dealing with the call to give an excellent customer experience

I believe my skills and expertise will compliment the role , within the company

How could you monitor a succesful advocacy strategy

2 Answers

Think of a time that you have had to deliver good customer service to a difficult customer. How did you handle it?

2 Answers

Tell me when u went out the way for a customer? (along them lines)

1 Answer

why di you apply for new look?

1 Answer

What is good customer services

1 Answer

Name a time you were given short notice to complete a project

1 Answer

What is good labour market information?

1 Answer

what are the challenges facing the FCA what decision have you made that had a positive impact and what was the decision what do you understand about the role and what experience can you bring to the role

1 Answer

Are you money focused ?

1 Answer
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