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What do you know about the company? Three words to describe good customer service? How do you meet targets? Experience working in a target environment? Experience working with difficult customers? A time where you exceeded your job title?

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I made sure to discuss how I build rapport and made the customer my number one priority.

The tests are a listening test - someone reads out a paragraph and you e to remember key points and then answer 5. Questions afterwards. A maths test consisting of around 25 questions - you're given around 30 minutes and a close reading test - you are given a customer bill and have to answer questions about it example: what's the customers postcode. The tests all together last around an hour then you go for a face to face interview straight after. Easy enough, maths has a few tricky questions but nothing you can't do if you have General knowledge of percentages, units etc

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Name a time you have provided excellent customer service

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- If a customer called to cancel their booking, how would you retain that booking? - What are 3 good things and 3 bad things about your CV? - What do you do to relax after a tiring call/day - What would you do if the communication between yourself and your co-worker broke down, what would you do to repair it? - What were the positives of your last job and what were the negatives? - What was one time you were really under pressure and how did you overcome it

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What do you know about bet365. When did you go the extra mile. When did you deal eith an angry customer.

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Need help

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How would you respond to a customer that rang Sky requesting to downgrade their service.

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Basic Questions like what is your passion ?, what motivates you ? What do you know about vodafone and what it means to you as a brand ? etc.

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What makes you different from the other candidates in the lobby?

3 Answers

Why would you like to work for sky

3 Answers

why should I hire you

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