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What magic power would you like to have

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Manipulate probability

Control time

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If you was given a product and told to sell it in-store to customers, how would you go about it? How would you approach them?

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How can the store save money?

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The next task we were given was more of a technique practice as well as learning how to interact with customers and using 'open questions'. We were put into pairs, given a moisturizing bar and were shown a demonstration by the staff on how to apply and massage the bar on the arms. In this task we had to speak to our pairs as if they were customers and start a natural conversation with them whilst applying the bar on them. We definitely had to show how confident and friendly we can be as well as using more open questions, getting to find out as much about the other person. We were then asked to give feedback on what we found out about the other person, so make sure you remember!

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The last task (from what I remember is the last) we each had to take out another 'Mystery Lush Product' from the box and we were given 10 minutes to find out everything about the product. Then to present to a member of staff in front of the group, acting out as if they were a customer themselves.

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Why do you want to work here?

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We were first asked to create our spirit animal, using their 'Fun' products which are like moldable shampoo/soaps/bubble bath pieces. Once we finished making them, we had to answer why we chose this particular animal and how it links to our personality.

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We were then assigned into groups of 3 or 4 and one person per group had to take out a 'mystery lush product' out of a box. Featuring this product, we had to create and perform a play in front of everyone in 10 minutes time.

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What's your biggest strength and weakness?

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What can our team members learn from you?

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