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so after months you are earning a very low some of money?

The first interview with the HR director was very pleasant in terms of it being more of a "meet & greet" scenario. There weren't many probing questions other than my goals, thoughts for the future, and why in particular I was interested in D&G. The final interview was definitely a bit more thorough. I felt a lot of the questions were more pertinent to my personal life decisions I had made versus the actual work at hand: "Why would I choose to leave my home country to move to London?", "How can I afford to live in the postcode I do without having a job", etc. While not what I was used to, I do understand that they are trying to assess a candidates proper fit within their organisation. What I found to be most unexpected was the emphasis on the personality test. I think a lot of weight was put on those results. Certainly these types of evaluations lend insight into a employees motivations and work habits, but does not paint a full or accurate portrait of a candidates potential for success. This interview lasted about an hour. Suffice it to say I did not get the position. The general consensus was that I was probably not the best fit, which is fair enough. In truth I have to say that the position seemed to be very much what I was looking for and was disappointed not to get the job. What can I say - you win some and you lose some. I am still glad I went for it.

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What are your 3 biggest weaknesses and 3 biggest strengths?

Tell me about your background? Why do you want to work for Foxtons? What motivates you?

Describe a time you gave good customer service. What sales and cross selling experience do you have. What attracted you to the role. The usual questions, nothing too specific.

What attracts you to sales and marketing? What is the most important thing you would like to get out of a new position? Would you enjoy travelling as an insensitive?

Tell me about yourself

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Why would you like to work for the Connells Group

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