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Victoria's Secret
Sales Support Associate was asked...6 June 2011

Why do you want to work for Victoria's Secret?

5 Answers

the enviroment is really nice everyone is friendly and they seem to have an interest in the customers the minute they walk in Less

I shop regularly at Victoria's Secret and I have never had a bad experience. Everyone has been very friendly when it comes to trying clothing on and finding a bra that flatters my body shape. Less

I Feel As I Would Be A Great Asset To The Company & It Has Such A Welcoming Environment That Would Have A Sensational Outcome On Not Only My Work Experience But The Customers Experience As Well. Less

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Omada Health

Can you send a 50$ giftcard?

3 Answers

Not yet answered

Sending gift card/money is a red flag

I got the same email, and after few emails he or she said it passed. I got the email from Wei Li Shao Also, at the end of the email, he or she said install the software what he provides. I asked to one of Omada Health's recruiter. Just wondering that how he or she knew that I applied for the Omada Health. Less


Welches Erlebnis war Ausschlaggebend in deinem Leben wo du sagst da hat sich bei mir was bewegt ? In Beziehung zu deiner Entwicklung..

3 Answers

Einfach ehrlich antworten welches Ereignis im Leben dazu geführt hast dass du merkst dass du dich positiv verändert hast. Less

Moin! Ich wollte mal nachfragen wie es im letzten Gespräch gelaufen ist. Habe am Mittwoch mein Gespräch mit dem market leader Less

Hallo wie ging es denn weiter?

J. Crew

Availability. Why j crew?

3 Answers

Um it’s not a “menial” job. It actually requires a ton of skill and patience. It’s very high stress and most people don’t come back after the first day. Think before you speak, your comment is offensive. Less

me·ni·al /ˈmēnēəl/Submit adjective 1. (of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige. "menial factory jobs" synonyms: unskilled, lowly, humble, low-status, inferior, degrading; More I did think before I spoke and I said what I thought, thank you very much. this was a menial position. Less

I literally opened boxes and endless plastic bags. It didn't require any skills beyond scissors and folding. Less

Loveland Distributing

Knowledge I may have regarding beer?

2 Answers

What my goals with the company would be?

I dont drink beer but I can operate at forklift and pallet jack.

Westlake Services

What do you know about Westlake Financial?

2 Answers

Nothing, because if I did, I wouldn't be applying.

My answer: "You are a sub-prime auto lender." What I was really thinking was "You're a disgusting, money-hungry company that makes money off of exploiting desperate people. To work here, I would have to smoke weed every morning just to ease my conscience about working at a place like this. I'm sure there is a special place in hell for especially the upper management staff that works here." Less


What has been your greatest achievement?

2 Answers

Did you get thw phone interview before the applocation deadline or after it.

Did you get thw phone interview before the applocation deadline or after it.

Interactive Brokers

What is 1/64 as a decimal?

2 Answers

that could be a question on bond futures, which is the min. fluctuation of the bond future. that's why they asked. Less



How well do you multitask?

2 Answers

Think i do fairly well at multi tasking

No not a big phone person but im very nice and respectful to who ever i talk to on the phone as i would like to be. Less

Clean Uniform

Is this a position that you can see yourself not only being successful in, but happy doing?

2 Answers

Absolutely! The team structure and the opportunity to represent the CLEAN name will suit me the organization very well. Less


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