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Why do you think your University Idea would not work in the real world

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humbly, University provides cases and you are expected to respond. Most of the ideas you will come up with will not see fruition in the real world. In my course work, we worked with assumptions based on published information. I do not believe that the "real-world" will be so straightforward and there will be aspects to managing ideas that will be less in my control

Why are you looking to move on from your current job?

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My ideas on where Salesforce was going

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Reason to look for new job? Any project that you have worked on that makes you feel proud?

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My experience in my previous companies

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Completely unrelated but asked anyways - How would you calculate the time to drain a body of water

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My Question: What do you like most and least about working at JLL

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Give me an example of a time when you'd been asked to implement something you didn't know how to do. How did you overcome it, and what did you learn from it?

Example where I have used process builder and flows

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