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Phone interview was very basic. A guy in HR asking questions about stuff he could have got from the CV. Only 'difficult' question was "Tell me what integrity means to you" and also "How would you set up an in vitro antibody target screen". He was from HR so told me to be slow and basic so he could understand. Face to face interview was more rigorous. Consisted of a 2 person panel who went through skills and competency based on my CV. Then questions about teamwork, any difficulties I've had to overcome with colleagues, that kind of thing. Then a one on one with the director of oncology. A tour and a final informal chat. They took their time, didn't feel rushed, seems like a nice place to work!

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Nice! Are you working there now?

HR went through STAR structure asking about communication, why I would like the job, why I think they should hire me, etc. Then asked some examples about a time when I had to make a difficult communication, about a stress situation, etc.

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How would you reduce a cost of a certain drug?

Are you comfortable with the possibility of rapidly changing priorities?

What motivates you to move from academia to industry for this position?

Statistical models on VCF file about quality standards

What do you think will be the main differences you will face compared with academia?

Technical questions surrounding the science and the specific job ad.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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