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Senior 3D Artist was asked...10 December 2015

What are my motivations and my objectives?

1 Answers

Honestly and with the clear thought that my motivation is to get better


What software are you most proficient in?

1 Answers

Maya and ZBrush

IUGO Mobile Entertainment

Q: How is your immigration situation in BC?

1 Answers

As a recently graduated student I was still under a student permit and could start working unless given an LMIA. Less

Walt Disney Company

Did you use Unity?

1 Answers

Yes, I have been using it for a year.

ICON Creative Studio

Do you like Art Stuffs?!

1 Answers

Heck yea!!

Goodgame Studios

Most of the questions were pretty normal, the interview was more about judging my personality fit I'm sure. They asked to go through the pipeline I'm used to, basically seeing what skills I use on projects to see if my skill set worked for them.

1 Answers

I went through the skill set that we use at work.

Keen Software House

Please create high poly, low poly and 2 lods with textures and render images.

1 Answers

Did the test to fulfill given requirements.

DQ Entertainment

typical questions as everywhere. Strangely had couple of weird questions like what i do for living as i had quit from previous company. & how many minutes will i take to complete a character model. Having worked for international company as direct consultant , they are treating like i am a fresher trying to get into DQ

1 Answers

Why is a HR manager asking technical questions rather than Technical Lead?

Kolibri Games

They asked if I played and enjoyed any of their games.

1 Answers

I played their games and noticed some features that were working good for the gaming experience. I also earnestly noted that it is not the genre I usually like to play, though as long as it has good visuals it would be a pleasure for me to work on it, but they seemed to be upset about my "lack of interest" to the genre. Less

Rockstar Games

whats your dream about be 3d artist and design element with high q detail.!

1 Answers

i want to create creative iteam and form with high quality details for games and project and my dream is whery simple i want to be one of texture and form designer for charecters game object and any thing i saw in my mind... Less

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