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Senior associate advisory Interview Questions


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Q: What was one thing that they asked you? Motivation

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Motivation for the role?

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As far as I remember, it was a general chat about my experience, nothing really difficult or unexpected

tell me about a time u received bad feedback from your manager

Tell me about an example where you had to lead a group of people.

Have you ever encountered a sinario where it was important to follow policies

tell me what are the specific skill sets you gained from this engagement (proceeds to disect all the various engagements you listed in the resume)

Tell us a time you had to work with a difficult client or situation?

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Provide us with an example where you found a better, more efficient and novel way of doing things - rather than approaching using a conventional/ traditional method

Imagine you had to prepare for a country to host the Commonwealth Games (you are given a specific country). Outline the steps you would take to prepare for the event.

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