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Mix of career history, competency, and brain teaser questions. I was not allowed to use a calculator in the brain teaser question, so brush up on mental and written arithmetic.

What is the premier responsibility of a Brand Manager?

Fairly straight forward questions. Some were situational (describe a situation failed/created something new etc) and some were linked to Unilever and the specific brand (how would you develop the brand, how would you launch a new product).

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Very basic questions in terms of KPIs that you use to measure success, dealing with difficult people

I had questions mainly about my previous work experience. I provided a lot of examples of the marketing campaigns I developed and executed. Very easy. What I got from the interview and questions I asked them about brands development that I was overqualified for this role and it wouldn't be interesting for me professionally. They don't do any classical consumer brand marketing. I didn't get any feedback on how the interview went. Overall, I felt the whole interview process is not organised professionally.

During the screening stage expect to be asked why the company and why the role. Face to face: Standard interview questions (walk me through your CV, etc), competency based questions according to the job spec, and then a round of questions that relate to their principles. Specially this last part requires thinking on your feet and not pre-rehearsed answers. You won't be able to anticipate which direction they'll take with your answers, so honesty will take you a long way. In doing the presentation don't leave any stones unturned and keep in mind who will be your audience.

Mostly I was expected to comment on the line manager's views on potential brand development, which is the kind of thing I would be expected to do on a daily basis.

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