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What Motivates you? What are your strengths

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I get self motivated by several instances which makes to feel that I still need to work on my goal and never settle down soon. There are several ups and downs but we need to relax and motivate ourselves and I mostly think about people who do not have anything in life and I am happy and thank god for giving such a life and this makes me feel that I need not stay on the same line and I need to grow and let others grow. According to me, self motivation is very much required in day to day life and my family members motivates me a lot

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How good is your SQL?

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Role of Business Analyst

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Tell me about a time when you have had to deal with conflict

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what will you do if you don't get the offer today?

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How would you analyse a campaign?

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Can you tell us more about your role on project xxxx mentioned in your CV?

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How would you motivate a team of mixed skills levels where certain members were feeling undervalued?

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How to document a process

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what do you think about Agile as a methodology

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