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Escorts Agri Machinery
Senior Category Manager was asked...9 August 2021

What initiatives have been deployed by you in after market business, for strengthening retail business.

1 Answers

Wtj an aim to improve GP, I answered with all the trade offers extended, tactical support in after market for improving product mix and long term programs to support influence in supply chain. Less


Tell us about yourself.

1 Answers

Typical question, but one I was asked a lot. Its a good way for the interviewer to understand how you see yourself and your career as an appropriate fit for the job you are going for. Less

Urban Company

What is NPS?

1 Answers

Gave my answer in detailed manner and I'm sure even he wasn't aware of those things. Less

Helen of Troy

Tell me of a time when you..... Many behavioral and situational questions.

1 Answers

Follow the STAR approach to maximize impact and practice beforehand. Eliminate unnecessary background details. Less


Why Amazon? Tell me of a project that you managed which had different layers? Did you face a situation when you missed the main project objective while following other details? When you had to trade-off between co. benefits over customer's? Give me 5 good and bad things about online shopping?

1 Answers

These are very standard questions which are available on Glassdoor. Interestingly, most people at Amazon have no clue about industries where they haven't worked and are looking for those specific answers. It is more like a school interview where the teacher has decided his/her own answer - you give a new dimension and you'll be rejected. So my advice is apply at Amazon if you know someone there who can feed you with stupid-and expected responses. #JeffBezos - u r breeding crap in India! Maybe not all but it's time that u tell ur people to stop making it an adda of brand nonsense. IT Industry is one which turns down these morons and pays a regular B Skool grad more than they can even imagine! Less


Asked me to describe my experiences in a similar role. Very informal and relaxed.

1 Answers

There were no difficult questions.

Air Liquide

Strategic Decision,Supplier Relation Management,Knowledge about SAP,GLOBAL Experience.Handling of Global Suppliers Good Strategic task,Case study to resolve ,Strategic sourcing and supply chain process

1 Answers

Excellent,very impressive and quite satisfied by Global Directors.


They asked about a situation that you have to control people and how you make them conttribnute

1 Answers

I explain them about a situation that we have with an important vendor that were leaving business with Autozone and i need to get data for a lot of category mananger and other areas, i generate a meeting to sit down all togheter and talk about the situation, after that i also talk to supply team, and other importat areas so the business will not result as hurt as it could be. Less

Why do you choose to leave current company?

1 Answers

I am looking for better opportunity


What are the things you believe you could bring to this position?

1 Answers

My 10 year knowledge of LATAM Market in communication, brand, portfolio, activations in all the categories Avon has in its portfolio. Less

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