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Do you like a drink?

3 Answers


I'd love to!

No muslim don't drink

How many piano tuners are there in London.

2 Answers

Can you give me an example when you had to budget and manage a task/work package?

2 Answers

Explain a project you have led?

2 Answers

How did you achieve the figures on your CV?

2 Answers

The case study was the most challenging part of the assessment. You are only given the materials on the day and there is only so much preparation you can do.

2 Answers

Why Newsweek.

1 Answer

Conversational questions and questions around experience and values - not tricky type interview questions. Straight forward to assess the interviewee and job role are a good match.

1 Answer

Given 3 candidates to sell to a client in the scenario test- 1 is good, 2 is really good- 3 would be exceptional.

1 Answer

What do you want to do?

1 Answer
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