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Senior User Experience Designer was asked...12 September 2012

Question from director: "... four people need to cross a bridge at night, there is only one flash light and only one person can walk on the bridge at a time. How do would you get them all across the bridge?"

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If a UX director asks this question, he wants to see how much of real UX designer you are, and how methodical you approach this task. A good UX designer needs to understand the real problem first. Based on the information given we can only make broad assumptions. A hypothesis based on limited data is a good starting point, but before we jump to premature "solutions", the first task is to do more digging. We need to ask questions (and do research) to understand the actual problem before we can propose a a fitting solution - a user experience that truly solves the unique problem these four people have in their specific situation (it might even turn out that they don't need to cross a bridge at night but need something completely else, but let's not go that far here). So - based on the information given, we don't know what type of bridge it is (does it have a railing, is the bridge lit, short, long, is there even pavement or gravel and potholes, is there traffic, etc...), we need to understand WHY only one person can walk on the bridge and whether the people even need to walk (they might be able to drive, maybe there is a bus that can transport them). Where is the flash light, what type of flash light is it And who are these individuals? What is the relationship between these people? Do they all have the same motivation to cross the bridge? WHY do they need to cross the bridge? Is that really what they need, or do they have a different problem? Also, are they all on the same side? Why do they need to cross the bridge at night, do they have to cross the bridge every night or just once? Etc. etc. -You get the point. In addition: What are my resources to get them over the bridge? Which technical and business opportunities and constraints do I have? In which time duration do I have to get them cross the bridge? Fun exercise for a UX candidate. Less

Nope, only 1 person at a time, remember? just have the last person shine the flashlight on the bridge while the other people cross and then cross last. Less

Well, why do you need a flashlight to cross a bridge? A blind person can cross a bridge, no? Can you not keep a hand on the railing and feel your way across? Can you not feel the rumble of traffic passing and keep away? Sure, it feels safer with a light, so let's go with that. You need to see what's ahead, so the first three people take turns shining the light from behind as one person crosses at a time. Then the fourth person crosses with the flashlight. Less

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Would you say the iPhone is a competitor to the Blackberry

6 Answers

It just goes to show how history teaches lessons - That was a good answer at the time and it was the right answer because that's what RIM wanted the truth to be. Not surprised they offered you the job. Less

Thanks Ooops! It was clear they were nervous, and i have to say the opportunity is still there for RIM, but their competitors are not iPhone, its Samsung, HTC, Windows8. Those are the real challenges for them. If you have a LinkedIn profile let me know Less

Yes and no, both are smartphones and provide similar functionality but the Blackberry is more productivity driven while the IPhone is more "user friendly" and entertainment driven. They do compete but they appeal to different segments of the market. Blackberry for the corporate/ government sectors and IPhone for the domestic. Less

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Whiteboard a solution to enhancing the experience of driving a car.

1 Answers

This was an open-ended design exercise to see how you go about brainstorming a problem and arriving at some solutions. Less


What is your education?

5 Answers

Tell them the actual education, experience or previous salary.

Textile Dying & Printing Diploma

Textile Dyeing & Printing Diploma

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Select Design

Are you going to be able to stay interested with our client base?

4 Answers

How do you perform under pressure?


Of course. Ask open ended questions

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If I know TV design lingo.

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I was new to the field, so my answer was no.


I know tv design streams

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Do you how to use Adobe XD

3 Answers




Callisto Media

Do you have family? Kids? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why do you want to work for Callisto Media?

3 Answers

The question if I had family/kids shocked me because this was asked during formal questioning in a one-on-one, not get-to-know-you small-talk. Major red flag. Less

this is illegal questioning

wow wtf that is so illegal to ask about family, kids. WTF!!!!!

Rogers Communications

Where are you at the moment?

3 Answers

I had stated clearly in CV and cover letter that I was not in Canada.

I am from Nepal.


Gram Games

Was asked to take a couple of hours and provide a concept that's a "twist on Clash of Clans". Was then asked to take another hour to refine the design.

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They were almost closing the studio when they got lucky and got a successful game. They made some money and now they just think they are great and have the best culture in the world. What they do now is make fast prototypes and launch it on the stores just to see if they stick, and if they do then they make a better version of them. I'm pretty sure that they will close the new studio in the near future if they don't change their mentality and put their feet on the ground. Less

Designed a concept where PvP would take place in person on a real map. Paraphrasing here, but was basically told "nobody would want to go outside to play PvP" (Pokemon Go and Ingress players are nobody apparently) and "I wouldn't play this instead of CoC" (I wouldn't play my 4 pages of sketches over CoC either to be fair) by way of critique. The new design was met with "this sounds promising, but not the easiest game to make". In addition to a production-ready market-beating guaranteed top grossing sensation, this needed to be the utmost breeze to develop, you see. Less

Absolutely hysterical... how are these guys still in business?

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