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Except experience related questions I was asked coding question and I was supposed to write the solution to the problem in any programming language in a simple web-based code editor. The question was: given and array of positive integers and another integer find whether there is a consecutive range in the array, so that the sum of integers in the range is equal to the given number. They put an emphasis on delivering working, efficient solution. In my opinion this kind of interview requires a thorough preparation.

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Efficient solution you say? Its easy to do it in O(N^2) but I think you mean the O(N*logN) solution. It took me about 5-10 minutes to come up with m, but I am not sure I would be able to write the full source code for this solution in a short period of time. If you did it - then thumbs up man!

Two answers, 2nd is O(n) {code} boolean findSum (int[] a, int index, int n) { if (n == 0) return true; if (index > a.size) return false; for (int i = index; i n) sum -= a[sp++]; } return false; } {code}

Corrected a bug in solutions 2 ab

Implement a method called printNonComments() which prints out a extract of text with comments removed. For example, the input: hello /* this is a multi line comment */ all Should produce: hello all You have access to a method called getNextLine() which returns the next line in the input string.

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Debugging + System design: We wrote a simple (single-threaded) web crawler. Given a starting URL, it visits every reachable page. For each page, it determines the URLs of every static asset (images, javascript, stylesheets) on that page. The crawler returns a list with an entry for each crawled page and a listing of URLs for the assets found in that page.

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Find Kth minimum node in a binary tree and suggest a complexity

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Received solution for refactoring.

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Coding interview: Given 2 Apis one that returns a list of merchants and another that returns merchant transactions, calculate payouts and apply discount rule.

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Write algorithm to convert number for example 16 138 832 into "sixteen million one hundred thirty eight thousand eight hundred thirty two"

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Write a javascript function to draw a chessboard

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How will you prevent the code in finally block from executing? The question isn't a very fair one as a good programmer would not write the code in finally block that he/she doesn't want to execute

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When was the last time you made a mistake?

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