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"How many people born in 2013 were called Gary? Tell us how you arrive at your answer"

17 Answers

Badly, unfortunately.

One too many

Sorry, I cannot work out how that question is relevant to me or the role. What would you like to know about me?

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All linked to the Amazon leadership principles.

8 Answers

The job involves lots of travel. Can you commit?

5 Answers

If you were to be re-incarnated as an animal what type would you be and why

4 Answers

Can you describe your cv.

4 Answers

The wifi doesn't work properly. And for every basic test I could think of, they answered that it proved all was fine but still it didn't work.

3 Answers

take this pen and write the code in BASH to read a CSV file, take the 3rd column and print it in uppercases

3 Answers

Tell me about a time when you were confronted by a project challenge and how you overcame it.

3 Answers

What metrics did you use for your last project? How did you shut down an unsuccessful test? How would you define an MVP? How do you work with engineers and designers? How do you interact with stakeholders?

5 Answers

Fairly straight forward questions. Some were situational (describe a situation failed/created something new etc) and some were linked to Unilever and the specific brand (how would you develop the brand, how would you launch a new product).

3 Answers
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