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If you need to install an FCU in the room, where will you install?

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Underneath a large window admitting the sun, underneath the sill against a wall , which will maximize its cooling and heating benefit. Here is an idea - most office occupants would place little potted plants on the removable top. It would help to weld up itsy-bitsy-artsy-fartsy figurines on the FCU's flat top. To discourage interior decorators from burdening maintenance folks from playing horticultural support equipment movers.

Did nobody post an answer? Do they USE fan coil units in England or just add logs to the fireplace?

Current salary and recent projects

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Generally all the questions were from any "what to interview" good book should include

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Any Experience in Leading team and Direct Client facing roles in past?

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First Level Thinking, Physics mechanics ( resultant forces, a moment of inertia) Pump power and output, gear ratio, gear mechanisms. etc The previous problem you have solved and explain. Hypothetical problem and you need to solve the problem and explain the thought process

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Tell me a time when you improved a process

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Technical and management questions. Not many questions about my background and experience in the final interview.

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