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Senior Contract Negotiator was asked...5 May 2015

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

1 Answers

I talked about something less standard and actually relevant

Knight Frank

why knight frank

1 Answers

Career progression, long term sustainability

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward

Career Experience

1 Answers

Listed the agencies I had worked for in and around the area.


How do you handle negotiations?

1 Answers

Trial and error with each customer

Douglas & Gordon

The first interview with the HR director was very pleasant in terms of it being more of a "meet & greet" scenario. There weren't many probing questions other than my goals, thoughts for the future, and why in particular I was interested in D&G. The final interview was definitely a bit more thorough. I felt a lot of the questions were more pertinent to my personal life decisions I had made versus the actual work at hand: "Why would I choose to leave my home country to move to London?", "How can I afford to live in the postcode I do without having a job", etc. While not what I was used to, I do understand that they are trying to assess a candidates proper fit within their organisation. What I found to be most unexpected was the emphasis on the personality test. I think a lot of weight was put on those results. Certainly these types of evaluations lend insight into a employees motivations and work habits, but does not paint a full or accurate portrait of a candidates potential for success. This interview lasted about an hour. Suffice it to say I did not get the position. The general consensus was that I was probably not the best fit, which is fair enough. In truth I have to say that the position seemed to be very much what I was looking for and was disappointed not to get the job. What can I say - you win some and you lose some. I am still glad I went for it.

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As I said, I think a lot of my questions were more about my personal life as I have an accomplish CV which seemed to speak for itself in the interview. Whenever applying for an estate agency position the key Q&A to consider: 1) How to best service clients? 2) Most demanding or difficult transactions you have facilitated? 3) What value can you add to the organisation? Less


leadership style

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Countrywide plc

What experience do you have within lettings?

1 Answers

I explained everything that I have done within the role and explained examples of how I dealt with certain things Less

Mitchell International

Examples of difficult situations and how you responded.

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Examples from previous employers.


Why did you leave your last role and some of your past work history.

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It was important that I respond honestly. I felt that it was appreciated and valued. Less


Why do you want to work for us

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