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None, vague and no clue what they needed.

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Go through CV only

Nothing taxing which was strange given it was a senior post

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What risks were involved in my plan?

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Asked questions to understand about fit with growing business? Was not just about whether skills fit directly onto job spec but also a sense of competencies in general and prior achievements to showcase that.

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shift wise like are you ready to work the night shift

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Technical questions about derivative, capital market, etc

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What I thought of the Adyen formula and which parts I followed in my current job.

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Tell me about the time when you used 5 Whys to solve a problem.

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How do you monitor targets in your current role. Answer lots and lots because they don't want the truth that you only set 1 or 2 targets even though your current organisation isn't set up for lots of targets Tell me about a time you had to stand up in front of your whole work force to give bad news

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All questions concentrated on the companies philosophy and customer orientation

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