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Describe a time when I have made a business improvement & the outcome. How do I deal with team conflict & resolution. If I had to pick one individual that I have helped the most in my career who would it be?

Asked questions to understand about fit with growing business? Was not just about whether skills fit directly onto job spec but also a sense of competencies in general and prior achievements to showcase that.

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Why Revolut How can you help Revolut with your experience. Round 3: Home assessment regarding the KYC on boarding

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Tell us about yourself? Why did you apply for this role? Can you explain when you have built relationships? When you have provided excellent student support?

What I thought of the Adyen formula and which parts I followed in my current job.

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basic questions on revolut, math questions then case study that would require Python knowledge and finally questions on your background

Why Revolut? How would your manager have rated you? What would you do in 1st 100 days? What were your KPIs and how did you perform against them?

Which aspect of the role do you think you'd be best at?

Nothing taxing which was strange given it was a senior post

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Describe a very complex problem that you solved.

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