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"This question relates to delivering at pace: tell us about a time you've balanced short deadlines against longer ones." All questions were framed in this way in relation to one of the civil service competencies. One question per civil service competency was asked which made the interview easy to prepare for.

I was given 10 minutes to prep for an on the spot presentation on the day. The details were: Tell us how you would lead change in a situation which was constantly changing and full of uncertainty. What approach would you take to ensure you are effective?

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As part of the interview process you are required to prepare a 5-minute verbal presentation on the following topic: ‘Please tell us about a time when you have worked with others, including a variety of stakeholders who had conflicting priorities, to successfully deliver a project. How did you go about this and what did you learn from the experience?’ No handouts or PowerPoint allowed however you may bring notes for personal use

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They asked me about my experiences and skills in quantitative and qualitative research with examples.

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