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A123 Systems
Sr Mgr - NPD Procurement and Supplier Management was asked...29 April 2009

Explain how you would go about getting a cost down for this particular assembly.

1 Answers

Very general question, but appropriate. Had to ask questions to frame the response properly. Less

Ambuja Cements

Why you want to leave the current job/ industry?

1 Answers

For better oppotunities to grow.


What would be my priority if I were hired?

1 Answers

I felt my priority would be getting to know and assess my team members as well as learn the supply base - current suppliers and understand needs or gaps in the supply base - if new or additional suppliers are needed as well as analyze spend and costs for savings. Less


Focused on the activity: How you manage contracts? Are you familiar with Strategic Sourcing?

1 Answers

Based on technical and comercial criteria stablished in contract (KPI/SLA)


Most of the questions were job related to see if i was a right fit for the role.

1 Answers

Answer to see if you fit the role you are applying for

Reyes Holdings

typical interview questions, start availablity

1 Answers



What do you do with an enraged client who is screaming and yelling?

1 Answers

Let him rant himself out and then calmly let him know you will work his problem intensely and get back to him with a solution. Less

Fidelity Investments

Tell us about a time you developed a strategy and executed it.

1 Answers

What kind of questions were you asked?

Procter & Gamble

How do you remember where up to 5 dots showed up in between answering symmetry questions?

1 Answers

Good luck getting two of the five dots correct when about 25-30 show up on the screen. Might want to have sticky notes available to throw on the screen to remember at the end. Less

Air Liquide

Strategic Decision,Supplier Relation Management,Knowledge about SAP,GLOBAL Experience.Handling of Global Suppliers Good Strategic task,Case study to resolve ,Strategic sourcing and supply chain process

1 Answers

Excellent,very impressive and quite satisfied by Global Directors.

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