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Raytheon Technologies
Senior Procurement Specialist was asked...26 August 2019

How do you work with difficult people.

1 Answers

They asked this question multiple times in different manners. I'm pretty sure you would be working with some difficult people in this job! Less


Previous experience

1 Answers

Explained previous experience with detailed job description

Arizona State University

Describe a time when you had to be the bearer of bad news. Describe a time when your position, opinion differed from the decision of leadership and how you handled it.

1 Answers

I described a situation of stagnated negotiations. I described my experience when leadership took a direction that seemed wasteful and purposeless and how ultimately my influence with new leadership revamped the former's direction to a more efficient and effective process. Less


what do you see yourself in 5 year time

1 Answers

to be junior mangement


Questioned me about my previous positions

1 Answers

I briefed the interview panel on each project and company I worked with and explained my roles and responsibilities Less


How do you manage vendors management?

1 Answers

We create system to collect all vendors data called e-procurement


How would I handle the termination of a contract?

1 Answers

My answer: One would first have to understand the termination clause in the contract to determine the next course of action. Less


My past experience

1 Answers

I told him about my past experience


O que eu achava de sair de uma rotina de empreendedora, com flexibilidade de horário, sem chefe e talz, para uma rotina corporativa.

1 Answers

Que na realidade a rotina de empreender é mais puxada que uma rotina corporativa: clientes na verdade são chefes disfarçados e que não há flexibilidade de horário pq na maioria da vezes se trabalha bem mais horas que uma jornada "normal". Less

Coca-Cola Consolidated

They asked me about working with diverse people.

1 Answers

I told them about a situation where I had a co-worker with a procrastinating and how I handled the situation. I also made sure that I was very honest about different situations. If I had never been in that situation before I said just that but I also told them a clear answer if I were ever put in that situation. Less

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