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1. Why Unilever? 2. Why have you applied online? 3. Worst Failure? 4. Under performing vendor, what did u do to turn it around?

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1. Speak about the reason u want to join this company, if you've done your research and find a reason to be part of the organisation. 2. What made you think of applying not thru a consultant or HR firm but, prefer online... state ur reasons, frankly. 3. Firstly, clarify if they're looking for a personal or professional, or either, and then answer. Explain the failure, what have you done to overcome the situation, what is the status/disposition at the moment and learnings. 4. Explain the situatio nand how u handled it, if you have any exp. I've not faced a situation of this, so i've explained a similar situation, but not completely with vendors.

Where u given an offer? I had a similar interview process.

explain how you handled a challenge

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What processes do you use?

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The project is underway, what would you do in your first week?

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Why is your CV so long

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What was my project manager experience and could I give examples of the types of challenges they presented.

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How do you keep the project team motivated day to day?

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Can I work with may different types of clients

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What training and development needs do you think you may have in terms of entering the NHS from a non-health background?

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