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Pinnacle Property Management Services
Senior Property Manager was asked...24 January 2018

He asked me Can you rent these apartment quickly? (Brand new property)

1 Answers

OI told him the property was in a beautiful location and the I loved the apartments and layout of the property so absolutely they should be easy to rent. Less

They asked about my ability to turn financial reports around in one day.

1 Answers

I conveyed that although I can and have, I don't prefer hectic one-day financial deadlines to be the norm. It takes a toll on company morale and employee retention. But I understand that some times it is unavoidable. Less

Extra Space Storage

How do you handle working with someone that is a friend and being their supervisor?

1 Answers

They should be treated no different than any other employee

The Howard Hughes Corporation

Technical questions about the position.

1 Answers

I knew what they were asking about.

SABEY Corporation

What do I do for fun?

1 Answers

Caught me off guard which is good ... aside from the typical activities, being a first-time video conference interviewee for the company, I showed the funny socks I happened to be wearing! Less

Preservation Management

How do you manage staff that have negative attitude?

1 Answers

Find out what the issue(s) may be and talk with each person privately and then together as a group to resolve problems. Listen and ask questions. Request people to be accountable. Less

Where would you like to be in the next five year?

1 Answers

In a senior position at Canadian Dominion Homes Inc.


Given my background and skillset is not too familiar with how Sr. Property Manager works, how would I coup with it?

1 Answers

Though, more focused on Facilities; I have been trained to be client oriented which is the basics of having managerial position. With that as foundation, I'm confident I can work into being a better Sr. Property Manager. Less

Allied Orion Group

Do you know how to do a bank reconciliation?

1 Answers


Maximus Real Estate Partners

Have I worked through or assisted with renovations?

1 Answers

Yes, the community I was leaving was in progress of exterior and interior renovations that I had a great deal of responsibility for. Less

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