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Senior Research Associate Interview Questions


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Do you think you are able to reach out to people via LinkedIn mails? "Your background is not particular suited to this role, why would you argue differently?"

Give us an example of a communication which went wrong and how did you deal with it or what did you learn from it?

How would you pitch GLG to a potential member? What do you know about GLG?

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phone screening: why do you want to join, why finance, how do you see yourself in 5 years. behavioural interview: tell me about yourself, what do you know about equity research, case on number of gas stations in UK case interviews: number of metro distributed daily in London, the future of oil extraction, a case on the business model of the industry I was interviewing for computer-based test: write an investment case based on an article

What do I look for in a good investment manager?

How does GLG make money?

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What is the chain supply of the coffee industry and how you would help a Manager to make better decisions for his/her business?

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