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Where would you see yourself in 3 years time?

1 Answer

I advised that I would love to see myself progress within the company.

Retro and forward synthesis

1 Answer

I was approached on LinkedIn for a Sr Data Science role. The recruiter seemed to know little to nothing about data science. The process was very messy and there was so much delays often with no updates. Halfway through the interviews, I was told that the office I was interviewing for was not hiring and was redirected to apply for a role in Asia. I told the Asia team I wasn't interested in other locations.

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I was asked to complete a complex and open-ended data science task. Really used the full range of my data science skills.

1 Answer

There were questions about statistics, machine learning, etc. The usual stuff a data scientist is supposed to know.

How can you manage if you work with difficult people?

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