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What is the absolute minimum salary you are willing to take?

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I should've put down the phone. What kind of company asks this? You pay for quality, not bargain with it.

What do you know about international SEO

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One question was about my strengths and how they have helped me execute my job in previous roles.

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A large portion about the interview was about how I would empower other members of staff. The App Business is really focussed on people. One question was about how I'd handle someone who was difficult, didn't have great output, or had trouble getting on with other people. They were happy with my answer, because I demonstrated that this is often to do with being frustrated at some blocker and identifying and removing the blocker generally improves things for the individual and the whole team.

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You've never worked at an agency before. How are you prepared?

Provide criticism of a Greenpeace campaign, and how it should have been approached instead.

If you could work on any brand in the world, which would it be and why?

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